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Creativity and Imagination as Tools for Development

The sheer power of imagination has not been given its due in either religion, science, or spirituality. All of these seek to give the student a system of the mode of operation with regard to how to live and behave. But creativity and imagination are in a league of their own and are uniquely individual practices. There is no system or structure to imagination or creative work.

How Does Imagination Work?

It can be a little difficult to describe exactly what imagination is and how it works. But it bears resemblance to meditation in terms of dissolving issues and finding solutions. Because when using the imagination, the individual is in an altered state of consciousness. There is no way to compose wonderful poetry or a breathtaking painting when the logical side of the brain is activated. Because the logical side of the brain wants to understand why each piece is placed in a certain way and wants to work sequentially an ABC fashion. This is not how creativity works, which experiments and sees how things play out without paying attention to standard rationality.

It is the imagination, not logical processes, that is responsible for most human achievements. Steve Jobs used his imagination to create an entirely new product range that had never been seen before. Tesla is doing the same with his Space X and electric-car projects. These are completely new paradigms. And consider that the best and most notable geniuses may not have even gone to school. According to Edward Bach after he finished his studies – “it will take me five years to forget all I have been taught”. Einstein has no faith in school and famously stated that “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will get you anywhere”.

Imagination is an amazingly powerful tool when you deploy it correctly and it can generate a large number of healing benefits. This is another argument for the Law of Attraction proponents. Logically, you might find that you have an unresolved issue that you need to troubleshoot. But if you are highly imaginative and channel this in the right direction towards a core passion, your issues will dissolve without further investigation.

Additionally, some creative proponents assert that the imagination is a way of bringing the subconscious to the conscious. In this way, you can paint a painting or symbol about an issue that you cannot consciously identify with. You might not understand why you feel good after doing a certain piece of creative work, but it could be because it touches on inner issues that cannot be consciously analyzed or discussed. The way that the subconscious communicates is in images and metaphors, not in logic or text. This is what children often do when they play and paint. Either way, extensive use of creativity and imagination can do wonders for self-development and mental strength.

How Do I Use My Imagination?

It can be hard to create a system or structure with regard to the imagination because by its very nature it does not conform to structures or anything approaching rational principles. The best thing that you can do is to really commit yourself to a creative process and watch the magic unfold. One of the best strategies is to:
(a) Create 100 paintings in a month.
(b) Write 1000 creative words each day for a month.
(c) Try to visualize yourself in the desired setting at intensity for 10 minutes each day.

However, it is almost amazingly difficult to get people to do these simple tasks. This is because people always want to know “why” and reach a rational goal. But these processes will shake up your mind and open up your creative consciousness. You will gain insights from your paintings or writings along the way. In fact, you will get better results if you do not have a goal in mind with these writings/paintings/visualizations, such as a monetary reward. If you can do something like this the benefits will be huge. As an additional piece of advice, you don’t have to learn how to paint in any way or even how to write or visualize the ‘correct’ way. These are your creative works. Just do them and reap the benefits of your own imagination.

Creative Wealth Manifestation Tricks

There are some creative strategies that you can deploy in order to ‘trick’ your brain into an abundance mindset. In many ways, you can treat it like a game. The brain is used to generating worry and fear at all times in relation to money. You need to try and get around this ingrained tendency by pretending to be wealthy. The brain does not have the capacity to distinguish between real and imaginary phenomena, as demonstrated by recent scientific studies. Consider what happens when you think about your favorite food – your body actually starts responding biologically. Your stomach will start to grumble and you might even start salivating, despite no physical food being present. The more you think about food, the ‘hungrier’ your body becomes. Likewise, the universe does not differentiate between real and imaginary, so you can use creative practices to trick yourself into thinking thoughts of wealth.

● Trick One – Carry cash at all times. Where possible, make sure that your wallet is full of cash. It is better to have it on you physically. In the same vein, remember to tip 20% at all times. Both of these techniques have two significant effects. The first is that you will get into the mindset of someone wealthy, as you will be used to constantly having enough cash and always tipping well. The second is that other people actually view you as wealthy and start manifesting for you. They are also used to seeing you having money and being rich and associate your persona with wealth.

●● Trick TWO – Be grateful. Gratitude is the holy grail of manifestation. It has an advantage over manifestation because it can make you happy, while manifestations tend to be short-lived. If you can master both manifestation and gratitude, then you are really a master. Because you will be manifesting what you want and already appreciative of what you have. Additionally, when you are grateful for what you have already manifested, the universe shows you more things to be grateful for and manifestation becomes easier.