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Teach Yourself Eight Languages All At Your Own Pace And From The Comfort Of Your Favorite Easy Chair

Using Only Your Computer And This Sensational Ebook Learning Package!

Dear  Friend,

If you have ever thought it an impossibility to learn a second language, then I have some exciting news for you! With eLanguage Learning Ebook Package, you will be able to learn not only a second language, but a third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth! And it won’t take you years to begin speaking conversational sentences either.

Just how long will it take?
A Few Months?
A Few Weeks?
How About A Few Hours?!

Yes, you read right. A Few Hours. Each ebook in this unbelievable package gives you the power to learn what you like and for as long as you like. You set the rules. You are both the teacher and the student! But without all the exam cramming! Please keep reading to find out what’s inside this incredible, and brand new, foreign language toolkit including what types of things you can learn with it.

Who Is eLanguage Learning Ebook Package For?

eLanguage Learning Ebook Package is for anyone interested in learning a second language. The ebooks included are for all skill levels of readers. If you can read, that’s all you need to begin! These ebooks flow in such a way that makes it easy to learn simple words and pronounciation all the way up to objects and full sentences. Those who have or plan to travel to countries that speak French, German, Spanish, Italian, or Swedish will find these ebooks to be very informative and well formed for learning conversational language and beyond. Anyone who’s interested in learning how to speak French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, words and short phrases in Japanese, or American Sign Language, this is the ebook package that will teach you. Or for those of you out there that enjoy learning new things or enjoy collecting ebooks of any kind.


What Languages Are Included?

As stated above, you will find the following languages included in the eLanguage Learning Ebook Package: French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese Phrases and Words, and American Sign Language. When more language ebooks similar to these become available, they will be added to this collection giving you even more international language fluency opportunity!

Do I Need To Know Anything About The Languages Before I Begin?

All you need to know is that you have a genuine interest in learning any of the languages included inside this ebook package. You don’t need to have any kind of formal knowledge or language training to use and educate yourself with these ebooks. And of course, you must have the ability to read 😉

How Much Will I Be Able To Learn From These Ebook Guides?

If you have ever taken any type of classroom based language classes, then you’ll appreciate this. Heck, even if you haven’t, you’ll still appreciate it! The information inside this collection of phenomenal ebooks is equivalent to years/semesters of learning! Seems hard to believe, but believe it. The content within just one ebook is worth a year of in-class learning in compact form. It’s like shorthand for language class learning! The important things you must learn to speak a language, such as, spelling, pronounciation, verb conjugation, articles and demonstrative pronouns, prepositions, the language alphabet, and word/sentence formation is all there. Including chapters discussing specific things like Numbers, Time, Colors, Weather, Food Items, Question Words, Days, Weeks, Years, Seasons, Places, Family, Animals, and lots, lots, more are in there too! Anything that it would take you an entire semester or year of course work to learn can be learned from within just one of these ebooks. Some of them get into more advanced language skills as well.

How Quickly Can I Begin Using What I Learn?

This really depends on you. How fast do you want to learn? How well do you memorize the things you’ve read? How easy is it for you to recall the things you’ve read? These are all important points to ponder. You can learn from each of these ebooks, but the ability to learn is purely based on you as an individual.

Is The Information Contained In The Ebooks Accurate?

In a word YES! Everything inside is up to date and as accurate as possible so that you are sure to be learning the correct terms and use of specific words in the languages included inside eLanguage Learning Ebook Package. While not every ebook is error-proof, there may be a few misspellings, or small grammatical errors. But those are very, very few. This is an outstanding product you are getting that has taken much time to compile, but remember too that nothing is ever perfect!

Is It Really This Simple To Learn All These Languages?

Listen, if you can pick up a book and read it….If you can turn on your computer and access a file…..You Can Read And Learn A Foreign Language! It’s as simple as that. There’s no brain surgery involved here. It’s just some simple reading and repetition, just like you were taught in elementary school. No complicated algebraic formulas here!

Exactly What Do I Get When I Decide To Purchase?

Here is a complete list of every single ebook title included inside this spectacular package that you will have in your virtual hands immediately after you place your order today. Oh, and one more quick thing to mention before having a look-see at this extensive list is that it doesn’t matter if it’s 2a.m.! You will be able to access this entire collection right away!

Learning Spanish Ebook – 3 Volume Set

Learning French Ebook – 3 Volume Set

Learning German Ebook – 3 Volume Set

Learn To Speak Swedish Ebook

Learning Italian Ebook – 4 Volume Set

Six Japanese Learning Ebooks

Learn To Speak Dutch Ebook

Learn American Sign Language Ebook – 8 Volume Set

What Else Can I Do With This Ebook Package?

But Wait! There’s More!

You Will Receive IMMEDIATE ACCESS To The Entire Collection Following Your Successful Payment!

Because this is a “digital media” product, everything in it can be downloaded directly following your purchase. So there’s absolutely NO WAITING to receive your eLearning Language Ebook Package and dig right into it at your leisure!